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Wireless last mile and frontline workers with 5G, FWA, Terragraph and Extended Reality (XR).

Our Companies

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A leading distributor of networking and Extended Reality (XR) technologies for industry, helps organisations to connect their teams and customers to the data and services they need.

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MS Dist

MS Dist provide professional WiFi, Switching, Routing, and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) networking, as well as Camera and Security solutions. Boasting 20+ years' networking expertise, MS Dist focus on providing a modern online shopping experience.


Wireless Coverage

WISDM, developed by Wireless Coverage, is the industry’s fastest and most accurate coverage modelling system, capable of visualising networks or changes to a network in real time. 



Control is the leading cellular telemetry solution provider in motorsport. Their Race Winning Telemetry solution is used by leading private and manufacturer teams across some of the world’s biggest championships.

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