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Wireless last mile and frontline workers with 5G, FWA, Terragraph and Extended Reality (XR).

The Westbase Group brings together connectivity and Extended Reality technology leaders.

With our experience spanning several decades, yet our focus remaining always on the latest and best connected worker and business technologies, the Westbase Group is dedicated to leveraging disruptive tech for our customers to get the very most out of their organisations.


We meet the need for end-to-end solutions, providing products and services that help organisations move to elastic service models and away from static box-led tech. We incorporate leading hardware options, software defined networking capabilities and security, cloud and edge computing for improved efficiency, and solutions spanning nearly any connected worker or business requirement.


Companies in the Westbase Group include, the leading networking and Extended Reality (XR) distributor, MS Dist, experts in professional networking, Wireless Coverage, developers of next gen wireless planning platform WISDM, and Control who specialise in cellular Motorsport telemetry.


We’re always on the look-out for companies who can match the latest trends with customer needs in this market, so if you think your business would be a good fit for the Westbase Group portfolio, please do get in touch.

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